XDL Round Thermostatic Shower Column Adjustable AIR-IN Chrome Plating

XDL Round Thermostatic Shower Column Adjustable AIR-IN Chrome Plating

Product Details

XDL Round Cool Surface Thermostatic Shower Column Adjustable AIR-IN Chrome Plating



Round cool surface thermostatic shower set two outlet

150mm wall mounted

Zinc handle brass body S.S Shower Column

France VERNET WAX thermostatic cartridge

Chrome finish
Safe Stop at 38°C Maximum at 46° C

Constant cold water temperature at Surface

Ceramic head work 1/2", 90°
Built-in Neoperl non-return valves from Germany

Protected against back flow
Dirt filter
Brass wall caps covered Brass S-unions
Minimum pressure 0.5 bar

R34912 Air in water saving 40-50% silica gel easy clean Rain shower 230mmx13mm

H34212 air in hand shower, Spray

360° anti-twist s.s shower hose,1500mm
For less water and perfect shower feeling

Especially suitable for baby, children and the aged


How to use:Left handle control temperature, if want high temperature, turn the handle to “+” direction with pressing down the button if want lower temperature, turn the handle to “-” direction without pressing the safety button. Right handle control flow ways, If want to rain shower, turn the handle to rain shower symbol. And turn to hand shower symbol for hand shower.

Why choose this item? 

1: No requirement on bathroom space

2: More comfortable showering with air-in big size round rain shower.

3: Safe design with fully round      


Q 1: How long time the cartridges can work?

A1: The cartridges’ life cycle is according to the water quality, usually can work for 5~10 years, and you can change the cartridges according to instruction (the instruction is in the box when you buy the products) by yourself or call plumber. You can buy all the spare parts from XDL shop or internet shop.

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